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As a company that has been serving South Florida, Martin and Palm Beach Counties and surrounding areas for so many years, Guyton Industries’ longevity is a testament to our dedication to quality craftsmanship, customer service and low prices

Tree Services in Southeastern Florida

If you have trees on your property they will need to be serviced. It’s that simple. A healthy and beautiful yard requires regular maintenance. Whether you need tree trimming, tree removal, new tree planting, or adjacent services like mulching and sea shelling, there is no one better to call in the Southeastern Florida area than Guyton Industries for your tree service needs! 


Can you do it on your own? Sure! But the professional touch of Guyton Industries cannot be understated. In a single afternoon, a licensed general contractor can visit your property and properly and effectively leave your yard healthier and more beautiful than when they entered.  


Tree Trimming Services

Have you noticed that your trees are not looking the best, with brittle branches, bald spots, leaf fall or even missing cambium? 

These are the telltale signs it’s time to get your trees trimmed. Sometimes a trim or tree prune is what a tree needs to look “fresh” again. Tree trimming is an important step in taking care of your tree’s health. 

A healthy tree makes for a healthy good looking, SAFER yard. Behind the appeal, safety is one of the main reasons for tree trimming. An unhealthy tree can become a fallen tree not only in your yard but possibly your house, making the cost of damage something you wish you could ignore as easily as those overgrown branches.

Getting rid of these unsightly dead branches with professional tree trimming services can make ALL the difference, for you, your family, your house, the tree, and lastly your wallet. 

Tree Planting Services​

Landscaping can transform a yard from just a yard to a suburban oasis and when it comes to landscaping there are few that hold a candle to the awe and beauty trees can add to a yard. Trees can add curb appeal, color, and privacy to a yard and home but they can also add comfort by providing valuable shade from the Florida sun.

Most homeowners are aware of the value for proper landscaping whether they’re enjoying the compliments from their neighbors or the ones giving the compliments quietly wishing to themselves that their yard was this beautiful. The trouble is tree planting can be complicated and expensive, especially if you’re not a contractor or an arborist. That’s where Guyton Industries comes in.

Guyton Industries is a licensed general contractor with a proven track record in the southeastern Florida area with everything from kitchen remodels or outdoor entertaining projects. Guyton can help identify which trees will look and thrive best in your yard and advice on proper placement and care; as well as professional plant and mulch (or shell) around these trees so they enhance your yard from the very first day!

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Tree Removal Services

If you have trees on your property sooner or later you will be faced with the decision of tree removal. Trees age and can be susceptible to damage from severe weather, poor nutrition, or other trauma. This can mean that trees (even young trees) can quickly go from beautiful to ugly (and dangerous). Or sometimes trees can thrive and grow so well that they become unruly and also dangerous. Nature also steps in on occasion and seeds new trees in your yard without your consent interrupting valuable outdoor entertaining space.     

Tree removal, while necessary, is not something most homeowners want to handle on their own, and for good reason! Tree removal can be dangerous on your own, and requires the right equipment. There is no wiggle room for mistakes, as that can result in more money lost and worst, a dangerous outcome.  

Hiring a professional is not only going to get the job done right, a professional is going to do it safely. Cost, safety, and expertise are the three main factors of how a professional can help you with tree removal.  Let the professionals At Guyton Industries handle your tree removal needs, so you can get back to enjoying your yard. 

Tree Planting Services​

When the tree is gone only half the job is done. The stump can take up useful yard space, it can be ugly and it can continue to disrupt your yard and foundation. Professional tree stump removal is beneficial in many ways including, but not limited to no rotting or decaying tree stumps in your yard, no persistent and pesky pests, as well as no risk of fungi collecting in your yard. Who wants a rotted stump in their yard, when you can use that yard space for flowers, running space, or just beautiful grass, a modern fire pit, or a stunning gazebo? Removing a tree stump not only gives your yard a fresh makeover but also allows other plants to grow without the preexisting roots getting in the way, or causing regrowth and space to play and entertain without having to figure out how to repurpose the rotting stump as additional seating.

Professional Mulching 

Mulch is a healthy addition to any yard. It can help retain valuable moisture in your yard and add a visual element to an otherwise boring-looking corner, garden, or tree base. Professional Mulching is inexpensive and comes in various colors and textures sure to match any yard’s aesthetics. 

Professional Shelling

Sea shelling is a wonderful alternative to professional mulching. Professional sea shelling functions like mulch trapping moisture in your soil and adding vital nutrients to your plants. When working with a professional like Guyton Industries for professional sea shelling a layer of crushed shells will be added to your landscape around your trees, your walkway or anywhere else you’d like to add some shine.

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